Private Parties

Banquet seating from 20 to 140 guests.

You may choose from family style, buffet style, plated dinners, and an appetizer/sandwich selection.

The smaller dining room off of the bar can seat up to 36 people. This room also has its own salad bar.
It is perfect for rehearsal dinners, holiday parties, reunions, anniversaries, business meetings, and any reason to get together.

The large dining room can seat up to 140, there are portable walls that can be put up for more privacy
to accommodate medium sized groups in the back of the room.

Contact Club 60 for Pricing


Order by individual item.
If you would like an option not listed, feel free to ask.
Prices do not include tax or tip.

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Vegetable tray
With ranch or dill dip (14"). $35

7 layer taco dip tray
With chips (14"). $30

Variety cheese or cheese and sausage tray
With crackers (14"). $40

shrimp dip tray
With crackers (12"). $30

shrimp cocktail
40 count. $35

Bacon Wrapped Chestnuts
25 count. $30

Chicken Skewers
Plain or Spicy 12 count. $24

tortilla roll-ups
Ham & pickle with cream cheese (20-24 each). $15

cocktail meatballs
Swedish, BBQ, or Marinara. $25 per 3lbs

chicken wings
Deep-fried with sauce. BBQ, hot, or plain (for 24). $20

egg rolls
With sauce (48 halves). $35

fruit tray
In season. $45

Crab/Cheese RAngoon
With sauce. 12 count $20

potato skins w/ bacon & cheese
Served with sour cream and salsa (32 quarters). $15

potato chips with dip or tortilla chips and salsa
1 party size bag. $10

cheddar cheese spread, spinach dip OR warm salsa & cheese dip
With crackers or chips . $15

assorted salads
Cole slaw, seafood, tuna, ham, BLT, parmesan bowtie, or rotini. $25 ($5 lbs.)

steak house potato salad OR pea salad
$25 per 5 lbs

cheesy hash Brown casserole

baked beans

au gratin OR scalloped potatoes

assorted fresh baked cookies
20 count. $15

assorted dessert bars &/or frosted brownies
Order by 20 count. $1.25

5lb hamburger bbq
With 20 buns. $40

4lb shredded pork bbq
With 20 buns. $40

mini gourmet HAM or turkey sandwiches
24 count. $35

12lb sliced ham
With 60 buns, prepared or make your own. $80

8lb sliced turkey (hot or cold)
With 40 buns, prepared or make your own. $65

12lb pot roast
With 60 buns, prepared or make your own. $150


Plated dinners available for any size group - up to 140 people.
All dinners include plate salad, choice of potato, and rolls.

More menu selections available upon request.

Queen Cut Prime Rib

jumbo shrimp
6 piece

broasted chicken
4 piece

chicken alfredo with broccoli

bacon wrapped pork loin

chicken cordon blue

broasted chicken & Ribs

deep fried cod

Family Style Menu

One meat choice $13 | Two meat choices $15 | Three meat choices $18
$1 extra for additional potato or vegetable selection.
Includes Plate Salad, Salad Bar or Cole Slaw and rolls.

More menu options available upon request.


Broasted Chicken

Baked Chicken

Deep-Fried Cod

Prime Tips

Roast Pork Loin

Apple Roasted Pork Loin

Sliced BBQ Pork

Roast Turkey with Gravy

Baked Ham

Pot Roast (Beef) ($.50 extra)

Roast Beef with Gravy

BBQ Pork Ribs ($1 extra)


Mashed with Gravy (Chicken or Beef)

Baked Potato

Garlic Mashed

Garlic Roasted Baby Reds

Au Gratin

Buttered Noodles


Twice Baked ($.50 extra)

Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole ($.50)


Buttered Corn

Green Beans (whole)

Parmesan Garlic Green Beans



Green Bean Bake ($.50 extra)

Glazed Carrots ($.50 extra)

Assorted Dessert Bar Platters available at $1.25 per person.

Assorted Cookie Platters available at .75 per person.

Cake cutting charge per guest $.50.